Mario Yrisarry

Titre: Study-Ascetic Series
Technique: Sprayed painting
Signé(e) et daté(e): 1967
Dimension: 61 x 50 cm
Provenance: --

The slyly structured sprayed paintings that Mario Yrisarry made in the mid-1960s are among the most originally radical of the time. Their deceptive material and compositional simplicity is still unsettling. Reviewing Yrisarry's first one-man show in 1964 Donald Judd noted with typical understatement that "'s one of the better ones. Yrissary clearly has a purpose, but within this there is a fair amount of important variation." In Yrisarry's painting he found "something new," neither illusionistic, nor coherently sequential (Arts Magazine, 1964). 


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